Mr. Chahil has been a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the EB5 process and project selection. We appreciate everything he has done for our family.

Gary is one of the best in the industry.

Very difficult to explain in a sentence how important Gary is to our family, our dreams have been realized due to his efforts and guidance. Forever grateful!

Thank you, Mr. Chahil, as you have truly helped us realize our dreams.

Mr. Chahil lives & works by his word and my family is better for it. Thank you, sir.

If it’s a weekday, weekend, holiday, morning, afternoon or evening you sir have our blessings. Blessed to have met you and thank you for making this EB5 process easier for us.

God knows what Mr. Chahil has done for us, he’s a true friend who helped my children realize the American Dream.

I will never forget the time Mr. Chahil shared with us the three principals he lives by 1. Whom did you HELP today? 2. Whom did you THANK today? 3. What did you LEARN today? A true soul whom not only helped us realize a family dream but helped us become a better FAMILY. An honor of a lifetime to be able to call you a friend & once again THANK YOU.

Anyone that has crossed paths with Gary Singh in any form already knows about how helpful he can be in all situations, not just one. A man that will stand shoulder to shoulder with you through the bad times and when they become good he will disappear into the background.

We are once again very thankful to you for changing our lives. We are so blessed to be in the United States of America via the EB5 Program. My family prays for your well being and prosperity in helping more families like ours, sir.

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